2000 Pure Steel Dagger custom-built motorcycle

Price $11500
Posted on 25-Feb-2021 7:18
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Many custom bikes (or choppers) pushed design extremes to the point of being uncomfortable to ride. That’s not the case with this stunning 2000 Pure Steel Dagger custom-built motorcycle. This limited-production bike has softtail rear suspension, hydraulic front shocks, sensibly raked front forks, comfort-minded handlebars/risers, belt drive, disc brakes, and an electric starter. Its unique, but sensible design makes the Pure Steel Dagger a pleasure to ride and operate. This bike shows as new because it has a mere 1,479 pampered miles making it turnkey ready for a new owner.

Pure Steel bikes like this Dagger model were assembled with all-new components including a classic V-Twin engine from S&S (the gold standard for V-Twin engines), which displaces 107 cubic inches. The engine makes approximately 102-105 horsepower and 110-113 lb-ft of torque. The carburetor is an S&S Super E unit. The seller states that the custom chrome electric starter fires the engine instantly at the first click of the switch. A barrel key provides added security. The engine reportedly idles smoothly with that muted V-Twin cam lope until the throttle is twisted and the response is likely anything but muted. Engine detailing appears to be jewelry perfect as witnessed by the photos. There are no leaks and no engine smoke on startup. The Delkron transmission case has been show polished. Five-speed transmission shifts smoothly with no clunks or odd noises.

Address 2712 Devonsley Cres Oakville (Oakville ,Ontario)
2000 Pure Steel Dagger custom-built motorcycle ottawa
2000 Pure Steel Dagger custom-built motorcycle ottawa
2000 Pure Steel Dagger custom-built motorcycle ottawa