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Posted on 23-Aug-2019 7:41
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Civil lawsuits are greatly complex, and there’s an obvious need for the very best legal representation if you feel that you’ve been wronged. No one actively seeks out injury upon oneself, and you should seek legal recourse if the same has happened to you at no fault of your own. That’s why Odette Rwigamba is here as the Best Injury Lawyer Ottawa to serve your needs specifically. Whether they’re psychological and physical, the court of law will guarantee all actions against the rights of any citizen out there. You’ll get all answers you need after you first set up contact with Odette, and it’s all for the best since she runs one of the Best Law Firms in Canada. You’ll get, in fact, the best possible outcome apropos to your circumstances.

Contant Us:

Odette Rwigamba Law Office

Phone: 613 – 232 7900

Fax: 613 – 729 5652


Address: 219 Argyle Avenue, Suite 223 Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2H4


Address 219 Argyle Avenue, Suite 223 Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2H4