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Posted on 1-Jul-2019 22:12
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Five Signs You Need Dental Implants
Whether you have a missing tooth either because of a surgery, tooth extraction, gum disease, trauma, age or poor oral hygiene, it can look unsightly. What’s more, missing teeth can lead to a distorted jawline, facial shape distortion and can affect your confidence.
A dental implant procedure can restore the missing teeth and restore the functionality and aesthetics of the face. Our dentists and surgeons are professionally trained to perform cosmetic dental implant procedures in Vaughan.
Here are five signs you may need dental implant procedures.
You have severe tooth infection and pain
When you have a tooth infection and significant pain, there is a risk of this infection spreading to other teeth and gums. When a tooth is extracted, the surrounding structures start to lose stability and gradually become distorted.
In such cases, our dentists recommend a complete tooth extraction and replacement procedure with a dental implant. Dental implants provide much-needed stability to the surrounding teeth and gums and give the entire jaw a more natural look and feel.
You have an altered facial appearance
People who wear dentures regularly have a sunken-in look on their face. That’s because the jaw bones continue to deteriorate in the absence of teeth. In fact, dentures do not stimulate bone growth.
In contrast, dental implants look natural and stimulate bone growth thereby preventing the deterioration of bones. Our cosmetic dental specialists in Vaughan can perform complex dental implant procedures.
You have difficulty eating or speaking. In the absence of a tooth or two, many people have to give up their favorite foods.

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Surgical dentistry richmond Hill Vaughan ottawa
Surgical dentistry richmond Hill Vaughan ottawa