Apple Bans Own Xcode 11.2 Days after its Release

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Posted on 19-Nov-2019 6:18
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Apple has banned its own Xcode 11.2 days after releasing following the discovery that it was faulty. Xcode 11.2 has two issues, SwiftUI support problem, and bugs that make apps using UITextView to Crash. The effect of the ban is that apps developed using Xcode 11.2 cannot be distributed. But Apple has acted swiftly by releasing Xcode 11.2.1 to fix the issue. You better get the latest update right away!

Can you believe it? Apple banned its Xcode 11.2 !! The release of Xcode version 11 was meant to support iOS 13 and it came with impressive features such as image preview support and the much-awaited dark mode support. But Apple discovered major problems with later releases of tools (Xcode 11.2) that lead them to discontinue support from the same. Here are the problems that led to the ban or we can say discontinuation of a particular version.
SwiftUI Support Problem

When using Xcode 11.2, everything looks pretty good, especially the Xcode’s new dark User Interface. But with a closer look at the coding line reveals something is very wrong. When you disable the dark UI on your apps (maybe you want them darker or lighter) and try moving the details to Swift 5.1, it starts implementing auto-layouts. The sources whisper that the problem was caused by faulty SwiftUI support.
Bugs Making Apps Using UITextView to Crash

SwiftUI was encountered with a problem and that may be fixed through coding at some points but on the other hand, it would be too tedious if it is possible to achieve at any level. UITextView is diagnosed with a major problem in Xcode 11.2 which was frequently leading to wired crashes while operating on previous versions of tvOS, iPadOS, and iOS.

Apple Bans Own Xcode 11.2 Days after its Release  ottawa