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Natural fibers such as jute, cotton, and bamboo composites are becoming alternative materials to synthetic fiber composites, as their use raises awareness of environmental protection. Among natural fibers, jute and cotton fibers were used in this research to fabricate six-layered composites reinforced by spent tea leaves. Varying amounts Pasur river is one of the largest rivers in the World Heritage Sundarbans mangrove forest region of the southwestern part of Bangladesh. Due to lack of alternative sources, more than 1 million inhabitants living in the Pasur river basin area rely heavily on the river water for domestic, irrigation, and industrial purposes without proper and

BDIT & LANGUAGE INSTITUTE is always dedicated in helping our next generation to stand out in every aspects of life. As a result of continuously serving to the development of skills, career opportunities and excelling internationally we are much known today. We have achieved this honor through our work.Our main target is to increase creativity in our students. We have very well-known IT experts to build a sharp generation and a digital world. Anytime, you have a chance to contact with us and we think that it will be easier for you to take a decision.

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Bd Digital Marketing Courses139 ottawa
Bd Digital Marketing Courses139 ottawa