How to Become a Truck Dispatcher

Posted on 26-Mar-2024 1:55
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Understanding the Role: A truck dispatcher manages freight for a carrier. They locate freight that needs to be shipped, negotiate with brokers, dispatch drivers, and set up routes. They also handle back-end work like reviewing drivers’ logs and tracking their hours.
Difference from a Freight Broker: Unlike a freight broker who serves as a middleman between the shipper and the carrier, a truck dispatcher is directly affiliated with a carrier and works on their behalf.
Legal Requirements: Freight dispatchers are not legally allowed to represent shippers or manufacturers. A freight brokerage business requires freight broker authority through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and a freight broker bond1.
Becoming a Truck Dispatcher for Another Company: If you want to become a truck dispatcher for another company, you can look for open positions on job boards or approach individual carriers and express your interest in becoming a freight dispatcher.
Becoming an Independent Truck Dispatcher: If you want to become an independent truck dispatcher, you need to understand truck dispatching and how you want to operate your business.
Responsibilities of a Truck Dispatcher: Responsibilities include negotiating prices based on current market data, coordinating pickups and deliveries, planning efficient routes for the driver, tracking shipments via a transportation management system (TMS), communicating with carriers regarding changes in route or delivery times, maintaining detailed records, addressing customer concerns, and assisting carriers with additional needs.
Steps to Become a Truck Dispatcher: The steps include having the necessary education, registering your business, and having access to the right tools.

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