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Posted on 14-Dec-2023 7:12
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Lakeside Medical Group (LMG) has established itself as the exclusive front runner and comprehensive managed care medical provider for American and Canadian expats living part or full-time in Mexico.
At Lakeside Medical Group (LMG), we understand the unique healthcare needs of American and Canadian expats in Mexico. Say goodbye to insurance worries - we seamlessly coordinate with over 350 American and Canadian insurance plans. With our own facilities and independent specialists, receive top-tier medical care in Ajijic, Chapala, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and more. Membership is free, and you won't have any out-of-pocket expenses. Your well-being is our priority - enroll today.

Contact us for more details:
Lakeside Medical Group (LMG)
Hidalgo #148A in San Antonio de Tlayacapan Jalisco, Mexico 45920
Call: +52 (376) 766-0395
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Phone Numbers
MEXICO: 01 (800) 681-9396
US / CA: 1 (888) 449-7799

Address Jalisco
Lakeside Medical Group ottawa
Lakeside Medical Group ottawa
Lakeside Medical Group ottawa