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1. Advantages and disadvantages of various vehicle types: Different vehicle types have their own pros and cons. For instance, trucks are best for long-term cargo hauling due to their durability and ample room.
2. Ensuring goods’ safety while being transported: This involves proper packaging, securing the load, regular inspections, adhering to safety regulations, and using reliable transportation methods.
3. Steps to start a truck business: Key steps include performing market analysis, drafting a business plan, developing a brand, formalizing business registration, acquiring necessary licenses and permits, securing funding, setting pricing, and acquiring equipment.
4. Frequency of gasoline tax payment: The central and state governments of India levy taxes on petrol and diesel. The central authorities apply excise duty at the rates of Rs.19.90/litre and Rs.15.80/litre respectively.
5. Completing a contract with a factoring firm: This involves finding a reputable factor, providing them with information about your accounts receivable and customers, selling the approved invoice to the factor, and receiving a percentage of the total amount immediately.
6. Locating a driver: This can be done using the Device Manager in Windows, the Run window, the Command Prompt, or a free third-party utility.
7. Benefits of Hot Shot Loading: Hotshot deliveries are known for their cost-effectiveness, speed, flexibility, and efficient logistics.
8. Using the TMS to look for loads: Avaal TMS is a transportation management software that allows you to find and bid on loads.
9. Discussion with a broker: This involves understanding the broker’s requirements, negotiating terms, and building a professional relationship. It’s important to ask the right questions and provide accurate information about your capabilities and needs.

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