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Courses for every step of your trucking carrier/business. Instructors with real-world experience.
At AVAAL our goal is to integrate collaborative and experiential learning in all our courses so that our students not only gain knowledge, but also practical experience required to be successful in this competitive industry.
Avaal offers a strategic blend of training solutions for both corporate clients and individual students wishing to challenge themselves through innovative thinking and practical experience. After completion of our programs, our students have successfully started their own businesses or found a successful career in the transportation industry.
7,000 +
Students Graduated
300 +
3,000 +
Business Setups

Why AVAAL Training?
Want to start a new career in the Trucking Industry.
Newcomer to Canada want to get job & knowledge about trucking Industry.
Business set-up and growth
Software Training
Practical course within in-depth knowledge of the subject.
Border Crossing
Policies and Procedure
Authorities and Permits
Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration
Preventive Maintenance, Record- Keeping and Vehicle Files

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Truck Dispatch Specialist – Avaal Technology ottawa