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Posted on 26-Jun-2024 12:58
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Ready to turn bath time into a luxury cruise? Our walk-in tubs are like first-class tickets to comfort town. No more high jumps or gymnastic feats- just walk in and relax!

Why OUR tubs are the Bee’s Knees:

Safety Handles: Because slip and slides belong in water parks
Comfortable Seats: Its like your favorite recliner met a hot spring
Easy Access Doors: Walk in like you own the place (Hint: You do!)

Welcome to Walk in Tubs Ottawa, where we believe in making bathing a safe and luxurious experience for everyone. Our unique walk-in tubs are designed to provide comfort, accessibility, and style, ensuring a relaxing bathing experience like no other! Discover the perfect blend of safety and indulgence with our wide range of premium walk-in tubs tailored to meet your needs. We feature the most accessible tub in the world, our Transfer tub, which is the easiest and safest tub for easy access and exit. Our new models boast the latest designs and the best construction you can find. Over the years, we have sold and installed a dozen brands of tubs, and our new models are far superior in quality and functionality. We offer more options than our competitors, and no job is too small. You can view 10 models in our showroom TODAY.

So what are you waiting for? Come experience the ultimate in bathing comfort with Walk in Tubs Ottawa!

Showroom by appointment only. Book your appointment today at 613-299-5522.

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