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Price $ 1000
Posted on 28-Jun-2020 16:32
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_ Yorkies are dogs that doesn't take much space, small and easy to handle. They are brave, loyal and obedient. They love to be comfort and enjoys cuddling on laps.
_ Their coat need daily and hours of grooming. Yorkies sheds very little or no hair.
_ Yorkies are very adventures and intelligent dogs. They are great family dogs to live with children because of their intelligence. They are easy to train and also they love to please their master. An amazing idea to live with Yorkies.
_ These are active dogs who love to go for daily walks. They will give you signs to go out as they will start roaming around, it means that they need to have some play time.

Available: male and female
Age: Three months and three weeks
Weight: 8.5 and 8.1kgs
Height: 45.9 and 44.5 cms
Up to date with all vaccines and dewormed, good health insurance.
Delivery at the destination of the buyer.
Shipping guarantee
Contact (mayapetty2@gmail.com)

Address Ottawa