Industrial Alliance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Founded in 1892, Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is a life and health insurance company that offers a wide range of life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgage loans and other financial products and services.
The fourth largest life and health insurance company in Canada, Industrial Alliance is at the head of a large financial group, which has operations across Canada as well as in the United States.
Industrial Alliance stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG. Industrial Alliance is among the largest public companies in Canada.

Individual Products and Services
Life and Health Insurance

We have designed life and health insurance products so that you can confront various situations confidently.

Savings and Retirement

Our savings and retirement plans are designed so that you can maintain your current standard of living during your retirement, acquire a financial cushion to meet contingencies, provide financial tools for your children education, and carry out your favourite projects.

Investment Vehicles

Whether you opt for a higher return or take a more cautious approach, we have developed products to help you build the portfolio that suits you best.

Mutual Funds

Mortgage Loans

If you're looking to buy your first home, renew your mortgage or arrange refinancing, you're knocking at the right door when you come to Industrial Alliance!

Auto and Home Insurance

Whether you're looking for automobile or home insurance, the products we offer can always be adapted to your situation.

Group Products

At Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services, we know that groups are looking for insurance and retirement plans that can adapt to their requirements. To meet this need, we offer a full range of flexible insurance and retirement products and services.

Group Insurance

Industrial Alliance offers the highest quality service to companies of all sizes in all sectors of activity through a full range of group insurance products and services.

Group Savings and Retirement

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you require a group savings and retirement service that is flexible and efficient. At Industrial Alliance, we offer specialized products and services, adapted to the various requirements of companies and their employees.

Group Accident Insurance

With Accigroup and Accigroup Plus, you protect the members of your group—a class of students or a sporting or non-sporting association/organization—during activities you organize or, if you prefer, at all times, throughout the world.

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